Hiking// A journey of culture, tradition and education through the world of the honeybees!

Starting point is the oldest quarry in Greece, Flerio. Flerio is also the location where the ancient sanctuary of the water springs and the entry point of an ancient Naxian aqueduct have been found. In this fertile area, which is full of sycamore trees, olive groves, citrus trees and herbs of all kinds, two ancient statues are lying still for thousands of years. One is called Kouros of Farangi, a 5.5m/18ft long  statue dating from early 600BC. The other one, Kouros of Flerio, lies in the shade of a rural garden and is 6m/19.6ft long and was probably made around 570 BC.

After visiting these two creations from antiquity, we head to Mili village. Mili village has the same verdant and fertile landscape, with running water that creates numerous small waterfalls. At that point we’ll make an 1 hour educational break. We’ll get to meet a local apiarist(bee keeper) expert and we’ll get the chance to discover the craft of beekeeping, observe how a colony works through a transparent Beehive and learn about bee’s major role in every aspect of our ecosystem! In the end we will taste various kinds of organic honey, pollen and propolis!

After this huge dose of energy and knowledge, we slowly take the way back and we end up to our starting point.

Distance: 4km/2.5miles     Difficulty: easy    Duration: 4h

max. altitude: 280m/918ft

We provide

  • Local certified guide
  • Hotel pick up/ drop off
  • Trekking poles
  • Backpack
  • Beekeeping experience
  • First aid kit

You should bring

  • Hiking pants
  • Quick dry t-shirt
  • Hiking shoes
  • Hat/buffer
  • Water bottle (we encourage our guests to bring reusable and not single-use plastic water bottles! If you don’t have one, we can provide you with one from our own merchandise. 750ml/25oz)

    max. group size is 6 people (Exceptions for bigger groups after further arrangement)


    From 110€ p.p, 2 people minimum